The following is my feedback from my Long Informative speech:


This speech was a lot harder for me than my last speech. I didn’t try to memorize my speech at all because I knew there were many problems with trying to do that. First it would have been too hard since it was a long speech and it would have probably ended up with my forgetting something in my speech and having a long pause. I ended up making an outline and it went okay for some parts of my speech but in others I definitely got tongue tied. I also think that because I no longer liked my topic I was even more nervous than usual. I think I have to work on choosing a topic that I like and just stick with it because half way through working on this speech I considered making it about pomegranates. I realize that I really need to work on controlling my movements and filler language and when I get nervous I fill my speech with it. In my last speech I had less filler language because I had practiced my short intro a lot. I still need to work on having a clear thesis in my intro because I thought I had one but it was kind of lacking.