first speech second speech 

For my first speech in the first speech round I talked about a family tradition of mine. Here was my feedback:

For my second speech in that round I did an oral interpretation on Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slaughterhouse Five.

The following is the feedback I got:


Overall I think my first speech was a learning experience. I had wanted my speech to be very conversational so I didn’t stay to my original script when I practiced. I have come to realize that I am not good at coming up with fluid sentences on the spot because I would pause frequently and use a lot of filler language. I also realized that I really had to work on my movements because in my first speech I was moving around a lot. Another thing I wanted to work on was being more clear with my ideas and where I was going with my speech which was what I tried to work on in my next speech.

In my second speech I tried to make my thesis very clear. I also attempted to make there be obvious and smooth transitions before and after my oral interpretation. In this speech I practiced my pronunciation of words a lot because I knew I did not want to sound mumbly. I need to continue to work on my pauses and enunciation. Another thing I need to work on is not ending my sentences with a softer tone. I do think I did a lot better in controlling my movements in this speech. I’m going to try to move around even less. I think I could have been a little bit louder.


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